Holistic Torah for Women on the Land

Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin is the ideal place for the Jewish woman who wishes to delve deeply into her spiritual self through intensive textual study and creative spiritual expression, to connect with the Land of Israel and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Torah Learning

The unique learning methods and diverse range of instructors inspire and encourage our students to continuously work on perfecting their character while creating a solid foundation as women in the Torah world.

Get Close to G-d

The panoramic views of the surrounding Judean hills offer radiant sunsets, starry nights and peaceful stillness to energize body and mind while inspiring a special closeness to G-d

Warm Supportive Community

The rural setting of the Bat Ayin village nestled in the Judean hills is especially conducive to developing a warm, supportive community of women who grow close together by sharing and nurturing one another.

Mind Body Soul

Our primary goal is to engage the whole student– mind, body and soul– through a curriculum that combines academic Torah learning with innovative classes and workshops in spirituality, the arts and agricultural cultivation.

Connect to the Land

A deep connection to the land of Israel is strengthened by regular field trips to historic sites and spending time in our school’s beautiful natural surroundings. We provide classes to develop skills in growing vegetables, fruits and herbs to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and herbal healing practices

The Purpose of Art is to Strengthen our Faith

Movement, drama, art and music add new dimensions to your intellectual understanding as you elevate your whole being in the service of G-d.


Hundreds of our alumnae immigrated to Israel and are raising Jewish families in Eretz Yisrael. Other alumnae are raising Torah observant families in USA and Europe.

Catch Rebbetzin Chana Bracha on her Annual North American Tour!!!

February 4-22, 2018

Toronto, Montreal, Sharon & Boston, MA, Seattle, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Baltimore, Monsey, Englewood, Lawrence, Woodmere & New York, plus her 4th EmunaHealing Retreat – this year in Morrison, NJ!

Full Details

4th EmunaHealing Retreat

1-3 Adar / February 16-18, 2018
At the exquisite Vallevue Estate, Morristown, NJ

Upcoming Programs

Pre-Pesach Program
Sprouting Forth Redemption
March 4 – 27
17 Adar – 11 Nissan

Rosh Chodesh Nissan
Bless the Trees
Sun, March 18

Summer Program
Art & Emunah

June 17 – July 19
4 Tammuz – 7 Av

Elevate Your Entire Being at the only
Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary
on the Land of Israel

At Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin’s Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary on the Land of Israel, you can learn how to elevate your whole being through integrating the spiritual teachings of Judaism into every part of your life. As Israel’s only Holistic Jewish Women’s Seminary, B’erot presents a unique opportunity to combine intensive textual study of Tanach, Halacha and Chassidut with creative spiritual expression. Dance, art, drama, creative writing and music are but a small sample of the modules available. Located in the heart of the Judean Mountains, Bat Ayin’s stunning landscape offers an idyllic backdrop to Torah learning.

Classes in organic gardening, herbology, Jewish sources on healing and sustainable living aid in fostering a unique connection with the Land of Israel. These are complimented by an array of classes on Jewish mysticism, Chassidism and Jewish meditation, providing students with an all-encompassing curriculum of Jewish study. Our program offers unique learning experiences for women of all ages and backgrounds including ba’alot teshuva, frum from birth, as well as women who desire to become Jewish, through our B’not Ruth program for conversion. Make the most of your learning experience in Israel and join Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin for our year long program. Short term programs, Holiday and Shabbat-Programs are also available. Learning scholarships are available.

Amazing Programs

We are committed to offer you a balanced program with awesome teachers

Varied Student Body

We welcome students of all ages and nationality and from all walks of life

Holistic Living

We are committed to Torah teachings for a healthy mind, body and soul

Tuition and Grants

We  are committed to help you make this important journey possible

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B’erot is probably the #1 on my list of top ten life experiences. It set me a path of healing and brought me close to my roots and Hashem in a way that could not have happened otherwise. – Chava

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