Special Seminars

Each seminar will assist you to make a deeper soul connection to Torah in your own unique way!

Upcoming Events

Rosh Chodesh Kislev
In the Light of our Mothers Emunahealing Retreat
November 19
10 AM-5:30 PM

Chanukah Yom Iyun
& Shabbaton
Illuminate Your Soul
Thursday – Shabbat
26-28, Kislev
December 14-16

Day and Special Seminars

If you are looking for a holistic view and application of Torah, you’ll find it at Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, as you incorporate Torah into every aspect of yourself – mind, body & soul. Our special events allow you to experience Torah that thrives both inside & outside of the beit midrash. Incorporate art, music, dance and drama into Torah living and learning. Traverse the hills of Bat Ayin where you can pick & learn the Torahs about the various herbs that grow naturally in the Judean Hills. Learn the medicinal properties and make a special tincture or hand cream to take home with you. Rosh Chodesh events come alive as you unite with one voice during women’s musical hallel, learn the various aspects particular to each Hebrew month, stimulate your body as you participate in a meditative movement or alternative class and share a nutritious wholesome lunch! Challenge your mind with the textual classes offered! Live, eat, sing, play and dance in our sukkah as you experience a spiritually uplifting seminar in Bat Ayin. Or learn insights into the various fruits & brachot at the Tu B’Shevat seder which is like no other. Each seminar will assist you to make a deeper soul connection to Torah in your own unique way!

Bring a friend to any event & receive a free copy of Rebbetzin’s book celebrating Jewish Femininity: “Women at the Crossroads”

In the Light of our Mothers EmunaHealing Retreat

 Rosh Chodesh Kislev (November 19)  10 AM-5:30 PM

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating, restorative recess from all your responsibilities – you deserve it!

Join us in the Serene Natural Setting of Bat Ayin for a Holistic, Healing, Nutritious Retreat for body & soul!

  • Stretch your mind, body and soul through Torah learning, healing movement, prayer & song!
  • Get in touch with your inner light in our EmunaHealing Spiritual Healing Circle for profound transformative healing!
  • Participate in B’erot’s joyous musical Hallel!
  • Enjoy gentle meditative movement enhancing the awareness of your body-mind-breath connection!
  • Become nurtured by a nutritious wholesome lunch
  • Learn Dream Interpretation from the Torah and bring your unconscious to light through dream awareness
  • Create your personal mosaic glass candle holder
  • Make new friends and be part of our supportive community of likeminded women!

Take home a recharged, inspired, happier & healthier you with new recipes for life!

Cost: NIS 125 Register by November 1st and receive a 25 NIS discount

Information/Registration, 02-993-4945, info@berotbatayin.org

Illuminate Your Soul – Chanukah Yom Iyun & Shabbaton

Thursday – Shabbat, 26-28, Kislev (December 14-16)

 Join our Chanukah Yom Iyun & Shabbaton and Illuminate Your Soul!

  • Learn from surprise guest speaker who will return to B’erot and share the Light of the Torah
  • Discover how our current political struggle is a reflection of the Maccabees battle
  • Explore Chanukah in the Light of the Mothers
  • Join our optional afternoon Garden of Emunah program
  • Nutritious wholesome lunch
  • Increase the light of Chanukah with the communal Chanukiyah lighting and bring a D’var Torah when we dance/sing at our “open mike” festive Chanukah Party!

Stay overnight, wake up in the hills of Judea for an incredible Shabbaton!

  • Enjoy the soulful tefilah of Bat Ayin and meet inspiring families as they welcome you to their Shabbat table
  • Increase your enjoyment of Shabbat with our Friday night Oneg Shabbat at the home of one of B’erot’s favorite teachers!
  • Enrich your Shabbat experience with deep Chanukah Torah and connection with likeminded women

Cost: NIS 150 for both the Yom Iyun & Shabbaton, Shabbaton only NIS 100, Yom Iyun only NIS 50

Information/Registration, 02-993-4945, info@berotbatayin.org

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