Women at the Crossroads


A Woman’s Perspective on the Weekly Torah Portion by Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum Price includes Postage & Packaging


WOMEN AT THE CROSSROADS: A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON THE WEEKLY TORAH PORTION addresses the single, most fundamental question defining Judaism today: What is the modern Jewish woman’s role – with all of her creative talents, intellectual capabilities, nurturing instincts and career interests – in a traditional Jewish society that seemingly restricts women to the home and, at best, menial workplace tasks? How can the dynamic woman in today’s world relate to the women of the Bible, who stand “in the tent,” behind their husbands, absorbed in family life? Women today have more freedom than at any time in history. Yet, with this freedom, comes choices about how to balance family, work, community and self. A closer look at the women of the Torah – through the eyes of biblical commentators from past centuries until today – reveals the unique feminine qualities endowed to all women by G-d to help guide their daily decisions and relationships. Placing traditional commentators, such as Rashi and the Ramban, side-by-side with Chassidic masters like the Meor V’shemesh and modern commentators including Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, veteran Torah teacher and visionary Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum weaves together the strands that make up the tapestry of life for the Jewish woman – while showing how much she can learn from the Torah of the Mothers. Rather than preaching the “feminist agenda,” the post-feminist author explains how Jewish women of today need to look inwards to the women in the Torah for guidance in choosing their priorities in life, rather than to the external, competitive, masculine world: “. . . the highest achievements of Jewish femininity are accomplished specifically through fulfilling the traditional role of women in Judaism, rather than by attempting to imitate the more masculine Jewish rituals . . . the processes of pregnancy, birth, nurturing life, and personal prayer bring us much closer to Hashem than the experience of being in the spotlight by leading prayer services or officiating as rabbis.”


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