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EmunaHealing Retreat | 1-3 Adar / February 16-18, 2018 | At the exquisite Vallevue Estate, Morristown, New Jersey
What is EmunaHealing?

EmunaHealing allows us to access the inner light within us by removing exterior layers, the klipot which block Hashem’s life-giving energy from flowing freely within all the parts of our psyche, emotions, and organs. Through spiritual healing we can unblock negative energy and infuse each part of ourselves and the people we treat with Hashem’s light. This system of spiritual healing, endorsed by Rabbi Berkowitz of Aish HaTorah, was developed by Ilan and Sandy Feldman of Ramat Beit Shemesh. They decided to purify alternative energy healing from its non-Jewish elements and create a Torah/Emunah-based energy healing that channels Hashem’s life-giving power. Not everyone is destined to treat others, yet everyone can learn to heal themselves and their family. In addition, EmunaHealing promotes spiritual growth and closeness to Hashem. Rebbetzin Neustadt, the daughter of Rabbi Ezrial Tauber, said about this system of spiritual healing, “This is the healing of the Geulah!”

Is Yoga “Kosher”?

At Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin we believe that in order to learn Torah properly we must work on becoming a fit vessel to absorb Torah within our entire being. When we perform the physical exercises of yoga we do not adhere to the religious intentions which the masters from India originally imbued within their various positions, Chas V’Shalom. For us, yoga is not a goal in itself, but only a means to maintain balance and health. Below are the answers that Rebbetzin Chana Bracha I received from various rabbinical authorities on the issue: – Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein Shelita: Dear Chana Bracha, I’m a secretary at Diaspora Yeshiva . . . Rebbetzin Goldstein said, “Chachmah BaGoyim Tamin, Aval Torah Al Tamin. The goyim know the human body. The main thing is your kavanah (intention). Our intention is purely physical: health, breathing and exercising every limb. Yoga is widely used for this purpose and has been for many years.” I want you to know that she consulted with her husband, Rav Mordechai Goldstein, the Rosh Yeshiva after she received your message, just to confirm that this was correct. Sincerely, Feigy Ellenbogen – Rabbi Mordechai Becher Shelita (Ohr Sameach’s Ask the Rabbi:) “We must distinguish between the exercises and the philosophy. The philosophy is Avodah Zara without doubt. However the exercises have clear physical benefit and are based on rational ideas. As the Code of Jewish Law states: Code of Jewish Law, Yoreh Deah 178:1 It is forbidden to follow the ways of the pagans… Ramah: But this is only forbidden in regards to customs of the pagans that are based on sexual immorality… or a statute of their religion that has no logical reason, in which case we suspect that it is blemished with pagan [symbolism]… but other customs of pagans that have [tangible physical] benefit are permitted. Hence Rav Yoel Schwartz maintains that to perform Yogic exercises is permitted, but to study the philosophy or use their mantras in meditation etc. is prohibited. Sincerely, Rabbi Mordechai Becher ”

What do I need to bring?

Vallevue Estate provides linens, towels, toilet paper (pre-cut for Shabbat), shampoo, soap and Shabbos lights in sleeping rooms as well as free wireless internet access. Here is a list of what we recommend you bring:

  • Hiking boots, and inclement weather gear are recommended if you want to view the estate grounds.
  • Prayer books and chumashim are provided mostly Lubavitch, though you may choose to bring your own.
  • Dress is casual. Please bring loose clothing for yoga.
  • Prescription medications you will need for the duration of your stay.
How do I get there?


Vallevue Estate
33 Picatinny Rd,
Morristown, NJ 07960
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What about Kashrut?

Catering information:

Yaniv and Oshrit Elisha, an Israeli couple currently living in Monsey will be catering the weekend.


The hashgacha is “Kiryat Yoel” for chicken, “Fishels-Beit Yosef” for meat and “Rabbi Viah” for vegetables.

What are the Shabbat times?

for Morristown, NJ

Candle-lighting on Friday, February 16th at 5:14 PM

Shabbat goes out on Motzei Shabbat, February 17th at 6:15 PM

What about the weather?

G-d willing, we will be blessed with a beautiful weekend with blankets of snow and clear, blue skies. Please bring clothing as appropriate!

Cancellation Policy

All proceeds will benefit Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin: Holistic Torah Study for Women on the Land.  With this in mind, our cancellation policy is as follows:
All registrations are subject to approval and include a non-refundable deposit of $125 per person which is applied towards the cost of the retreat. Cancellation of registration will receive partial-refunds of 50% for cancellations before January 6, 2018 and partial-refunds of 25% for cancellations before January 16, 2018. Cancellations from January 31, 2018 will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances.

Retreat Begins in








Take Home

A recharged, happy & healthier you

Friendships that last way beyond the retreat

New Torah inspiration for life

EmunaHealing tools to help heal yourself and your family

New melodies to brighten your everyday routine

The healing space you created totally nourished my heart and neshama. It allowed me the space to process certain pivotal life events that l hadn’t had time to reflect and absorb due to my hectic life.

The experience of your enlightening presence in my life and inspirational emunahealing with such a special and amazing group of women is still very strongly resonating in my consciousness.

The music, chavrutas, davening, workshops, and meditations offered a unique integrated experience. I hope to utilize the practical skills that you taught us in my professional and personal life.

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