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Sponsor a Scholarship to a Student in need of Financial Aid

Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin provides a safe, healthy and loving atmosphere of holistic Torah learning on the Land, where students blossom. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds – from religiously observant homes to spiritual seekers who have traveled the world in search of “Truth.” While many of our students can rely on parental support or have savings to cover the cost of their learning in Israel, a significant number are in financial need. Your contribution can give a student the unique opportunity to experience living a fully observant Torah lifestyle in the Land of Israel, while developing her character in harmony with the environment.

Our scholarship packages are demanding, including a formal application process and a work-study component where the student gives back to B’erot according to her individual skills, abilities and interests. Our graduates often opt to remain in the Land of Israel, building strong Jewish families permeated with holiness.

Donate to Support a Scholarship

Full tuition for one student for one year is $10,000. You are invited to partner with us to provide scholarships in any amount by clicking the donate button below, or using the contact form if you would like us to contact you about donating to the scholarship fund.

Create a Scholarship Fund in Memory of a Loved One

By committing to provide an annual full or partial scholarship for the next three years, you can commemorate your loved one in the highest way – by ensuring that financial limitations will not be an obstacle to Torah study.

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