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“Growing for Health” Educational Greenhouse Project

We are excited to announce for the Shmitah year in Israel our “Growing for Health Educational Greenhouse Project.” At Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin, we encourage students to connect to the land through an educational gardening program. As we begin our Shmitah year, without this project, we would need to terminate our gardening aspect of the program. Our incoming dorm father is spearheading our Educational Greenhouse Project to allow our gardening program to continue and our students to maintain their healthy diet of vegetables during the Shmitah year.

This project will enable students to participate and learn about not only the construction of the greenhouse but as well the halachically permissible methods, during the Shmitah year, of planting and harvesting produce grown in pots that are not connected to the ground. In addition to supporting the fresh food needs for our student body, excess produce will be sold to the residents of Bat Ayin and the surrounding communities It is our hope that this will allow the greenhouse to be self supporting financially for additional seeds, soil, water, maintenance etc.

By partnering with us in this project, you can reap the merit of helping to bring this project to fruition by sponsoring the purchase of building and growing materials. As the students grow, so does your merit for having contributed to this project. Below are methods in which you can contribute to “Growing for Health Educational Greenhouse Project.”

The total budget for the project is estimated at $35,000, including:

  • Full-size polycarbonate greenhouse building
  • Mini rolled-plastic greenhouse structure
  • Solar heating system for greenhouse
  • Greenhouse irrigation system
  • Greenhouse Student Training Course
  • Grow lights
  • Pots and seed starter trays
  • Fertilizer
  • Greenhouse ventilation fans
  • Vegetable seeds

We hope that you will join several of our generous donors who have already contributed the seed money for the “Growing for Health” Educational Greenhouse Project.

Please make a donation today.

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“Torah of the Land” Post-Shmita Garden Restoration Project

“Through planting the Land of Israel we will merit to posses it” (Kol Hator Chapter 1:9). Through working the land a Jew is able to connect with the Creator and work as a partner with G-d in transforming thorns and thistles into a garden of lush greenery, beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits, vegetables and all kinds of herbs. A real spiritual force enters one’s body and soul while out in the fields of the Judean Hills. Here our Patriarchs and Matriarchs lived, traveled, experienced joys and hardships, and had visions and insights into the future. We too can attain higher awareness by simply reaching out to the earth. Living in the Holy Land in close connection with nature, learning Torah, and cultivating the earth in accordance with the laws of the Land of Israel are the foundations that we impart to our students. Therefore, developing beautiful as well as functional gardens at the Midrasha is essential to our mission. With your partnership we will be able to transform the thorns and thistles that have grown during the Shmitah year into a beautiful Garden of Eden, here on the Judean Hills:

  • Flower Garden: A colorful and inviting Flower Garden to grace the entrance and beautify the front of the Midrasha.
  • Herb Garden: A garden on the side of the Midrasha to provide easy access to kitchen herbs that grow well in the area – melissa, thyme, mint, and lemongrass. Annuals such as basil, parsley, and cilantro can be added on a yearly basis. The students will be able to use these herbs to enhance their diets with the various flavors and nutrients.
  • Strawberry Field: A beautiful mini field of strawberries on the east side of the Midrasha to enhance the Midrasha garden. The location near the kitchen will provide easy access to the strawberries. This addition will allow the students to enjoy the tasty fruits of their labor.
  • Vegetable Garden: A circular vegetable garden to grow winter crops including kale, Swiss-chard, arugula, beets, carrots, radishes, and more. Each kind of crop will be properly divided with either a 1.5 cm rock division or 10 tefachim stringed crossbars according to the laws of kelayim (forbidden mixtures). These organic vegetables will supplement the students’ diets, keeping them healthy during the cold winter months.
  • Stonework Seating: Inviting sitting areas to study, converse, eat, and daven (pray) in a beautiful outdoor garden setting. The stone terracing containing the garden beds will be professionally rebuilt to incorporate decorative stone seating elements.
  • Orchard: This beautiful fruit-tree orchard of 24 fruit trees including biblical trees such as figs, grapes, olives, pomegranate and apples. This orchard will provide both tasty fruits for the students, as well as a meditative, shady space to learn and pray surrounded by nature. The biblical fruit trees will give our teachers the opportunity to connect their Torah teachings with accessible examples from nature.

The total budget for the “Torah of the Land” Post-Shmita Garden Restoration Project is estimated at $25,000.

Please partner with us to help ensure the restoration of the B’erot landscape. Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Contributions in memory of a loved one that cover more than half of the expenses are welcomed and will be recognized.

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“The world stands on three things: on the Torah, on the service of God, and upon acts of loving kindness.”

Pirkei Avot (2:1)

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