Our Campus

Accommodations at Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin are basic and in touch with our theme of a simple/holistic life.

The communal kitchen located in the main beit midrash building is dairy/parve and open for student use around the clock ever day. Students take turns preparing the lunch meal for one another five days/week while classes are in session, with food provided by the school. Our students purchase and prepare the other two meals a day for themselves. There is a small community store (makolet) here in Bat Ayin, which has an amazing assortment of products from food to toiletries and everything in between. There is also a large super market at Tzomit HaGush, which is just down the road from the midrasha. Our students are required to take rotations cleaning the kitchen area, which contributes to the community atmosphere. Students learn about taking teruma & ma’aser from the produce they have planted and nurtured in the organic gardens and greenhouse on campus. The orchard provides fruit during certain seasons with a variety of trees that students are able to harvest themselves. There is a coin-operated washing machine for student use next to the kitchen area.

Our dormitory facilities are in true Bat Ayin style. The students live in caravans just a stones-throw from the beit midrash area. The dormitories and beit midrash have recently experienced an upgrade, with heating and cooling units, which allows our students to be more comfortable throughout the year.

Each half-caravan, which accommodates two students, consists of two rooms and a shared bathroom. If enrollment increases, occasionally there are three students in a half-caravan. We encourage students to personalize their private space, so it becomes a home for the duration of their stay.